How to find the right acupuncturist in Portland metro

Back to Blog   Posted:   February 16, 2016 by Wellpdx

Finding an acupuncturist in Portland metro can be overwhelming. With approximately 1000 licensed acupuncturists, how is a person supposed to choose one? We’ve put together some questions to help you know what is important when selecting an acupuncturist. You can then use Wellpdx search tools to filter practitioners by insurance, location, and specialty. Each provider profile on Wellpdx offers information on background, approach, and area of focus so you can get a sense for who is the best fit.

Why would I see an acupuncturist?

People seek out acupuncture for all kinds of reasons. Musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues, menstrual disorders, insomnia, allergies, headaches and stress are just a few things an acupuncturist can help with. Acupuncture can also be used to promote wellness at all stages of life or during specific times such as in pregnancy. 

How can I find the right acupuncturist in Portland metro?

If you have a complicated or specialized health concern, focus on acupuncturists who specialize in your issue. If not, focus on finding a practitioner with a convenient location, possibly close to where you live or work. Wellpdx features acupuncturists all across Portland metro from Wilsonville to Vancouver and Happy Valley to Beaverton.

Will my health insurance cover acupuncture?

If you are curious whether your health insurance has acupuncture benefits, call your insurance to find out. Wellpdx allows you to search by health insurance and many acupuncturists offer complimentary insurance verification calls to confirm your coverage.

Are there different approaches to acupuncture?

Yes, there are many different approaches to acupuncture. For example, Japanese Meridian Therapy is a very gentle style of acupuncture wonderful for sensitive patients or children. There are also different techniques your acupuncturist may use in treatment such as a heat therapy called Moxibustion. When you find an acupuncturist through Wellpdx you can read about their approach and techniques on their profile page. 

I’ve had acupuncture before and it didn’t help, should I try it again?

Absolutely! Every acupuncturist is different in experience, style and expertise. Spend some time reading acupuncturist profiles on Wellpdx and contact the few that interest you. Many acupuncturists offer a complimentary phone call so you can get a better feel for what they offer. Share your previous negative experiences so they help you get the most out of your next acupuncture session.

What can I expect in an acupuncture session?

Generally, your first session will include an extensive intake with your full health history. Because East Asian medicine looks at every issue in relation to the whole body, your practitioner will ask about your sleep and digestion even if back pain is your chief concern. Your initial visit will also likely include palpation of your pulse at the wrists, visual examination of your tongue, and/or palpation of your abdomen. If your chief compliant is pain related, your practitioner may also do orthopedic tests similar to those your primary care doctor may perform. After a thorough intake and examination, you will likely experience a treatment. Follow up visits will usually have less talking and more time on the table. In addition to acupuncture, your treatments may include bodywork, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and herbal or nutritional recommendations.

What are the benefits of acupuncture? 

Benefits of acupuncture may include pain reduction, increased immunity, decreased stress, and better sleep and digestion just to name a few. Most people enjoy the way the treatments feel and leave their appointments feeling grounded and relaxed. 

How is my private information handled?

Just like all other medical professionals, acupuncturists must follow the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The first time you visit an acupuncturist, you should be provided information regarding your HIPAA rights. If you have concerns, ask your practitioner for more details. 


Acupuncture is wonderful both as preventative medicine as well as a tool to help you deal with current health issues. Building a trusting relationship with an acupuncturist is a valuable asset that will benefit you throughout your life! Start your search for the right acupuncturist here. If your favorite local practitioners are missing, let them know about Wellpdx!